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About Builders Group

The Rogers Park Builders Group (RPBG) was founded in 1993 by real estate professionals, independent property owners and financial institutions to help the community realize its potential. Joining with the more that 60 community groups in the area, RPBG has been a catalyst for initiatives ranging from neighborhood revitalization to obtaining exposure in the media for the area’s cultural, architectural, and artistic heritage.


RPBG annually produces events that highlight successful efforts within the community and that encourage newcomers to participate in the continuing rejuvenation of Rogers Park. These events offer investors, bankers, business owners, community organizations and government officials the opportunity to come together to learn from and help each other. The RPBG network of professional and personal relationships offers potential buyers and retailers a multitude of talent and resources in addition to facilitating communications with city government.

The Rogers Park Builders Group's mission is to encourage and support responsible residential and commercial property investment, development, and ownership in the Rogers Park community. Looking far beyond bricks and mortar, the RPBG initiates and supports collaboration on city and community actions to create a destination community.


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